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Own Brand Dermaplane Balms

Offering you own branded vegan & cruelty-free Dermaplane Balms is a salon must. Our specially formulated balms are designed to gently soothe and deeply hydrate your clients skin both during and after treatment, ensuring a luxuriously smooth and radiant complexion. Make this an essential finishing touch a part of your routine for unmatched results and the ultimate in skincare indulgence.


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  • A Salon Supportive Brand.

    Working with Own Label Skincare would be highly beneficial for any business, We have a shared experience and deep understanding of the beauty industry, coupled with our unwavering dedication, make us a valuable partner.

    Own Label Skincare's products and expertise can elevate your beauty salons to new heights. By incorporating our skincare line into your services, you can offer clients premium, natural products that align with your beauty and wellness aspirations.

    This partnership not only enhances the quality of your services but also boosts customer satisfaction, ultimately driving business success. All our items are salon tested prior to launching into our range. So you know you can truth yours clients are simply going to love them.

  • We are an Ethical Brand.

    Own Label Skincare ensures that not just animals but people get the benefit of support they need. From raising funds for equipment to build sleep pod for the homeless in the UK, to sponsoring elephant rescue and rehabilitation in Thailand, Feeding hedgehogs in Manchester and providing skincare to 3 local women's refuges. Are just some of the charity tasks we do at Own Label Skincare.

  • Truly Cruelty Free?

    Own Label Skincare is a family business that is strongly against animal testing and has been Cruelty Free since our conception.

    We have always used carefully selected suppliers that have also never tested any ingredient or final product on an animal in the UK or any other part of the world.

    No animal testing is conducted or commissioned for our finished cosmetic or household products or ingredients in any phase of product development by or for ourselves.

    In addition Llewelyn our founder follows a vegan lifestyle so our products do not contain any animal derived ingredients and can be enjoyed by all. We supply over 200 UK based Salons, Spas, Home Based Therapists & Beauty Professionals who all love what we have created and we know you will love it too. 

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Own Branded Dermaplane Balms

Elevate your dermaplaning treatments by offering an own branded Dermaplane Balm, the ultimate game-changer in dermaplaning sessions. Our meticulously crafted formula provides the perfect treatment aid both during and post-treatment. Designed to calm, hydrate, and shield your clients skin for maximum results.

Infused with a blend of nature's finest, including essential oils and botanical extracts, our Dermaplane Balms deliver immediate comfort from any redness or discomfort, fostering quicker healing and enhanced outcomes.

These balms are not just about immediate relief; they also seal in moisture, amplifying the smooth, luminous effect of dermaplaning. The lightweight, non-greasy texture ensures rapid absorption, seamlessly integrating into your daily skincare regimen to prolong the benefits of your treatment.

Own Brand Facial Scrubs (Polish) & Masks

Exfoliation Reimagined with Gentle Vegan Scrubs

  • Gentle Yet Effective: Our vegan Face Scrubs are more than just a cleansing routine. They are an invitation to indulge in self-care. Each scrub is specially formulated to gently exfoliate, removing dead skin cells and unclogging pores without harsh chemicals.
  • Preparation for Perfection: The exfoliation process not only rejuvenates the skin but also prepares it to absorb the full benefits of subsequent skincare products. It’s the perfect primer for a deeper skincare experience.

Nourishing Masks for Every Skin Concern

  • Targeted Treatment: After exfoliation, treat your clients' skin to our luxurious Face Masks. Each mask is crafted to address specific skin concerns, from dryness and acne to fine lines, providing tailored solutions for every skin type.
  • Spa-like Indulgence at Home: Made with natural, vegan, and hypo-allergenic ingredients, our masks offer a spa-quality experience. They intensely hydrate and rejuvenate the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and pampered.

Synergy for Radiant Skin

  • A Harmonious Combination: When used together, our scrubs and masks create a synergistic effect. This combination works to unveil a smoother, brighter, and more luminous complexion, contributing to a transformative skincare journey.

Your Salon's Signature of Excellence

Offering these vegan, ethical, and naturally-derived face scrubs and masks at your salon not only broadens your product range but also showcases your commitment to sustainable and responsible beauty practices. By choosing Buddha Beauty, you're providing your clients with an opportunity to indulge in luxury skincare that aligns with their values and delivers outstanding results. Elevate your salon's reputation as a beacon of modern, conscious beauty solutions, and watch your clients revel in the transformative power of these exceptional products.