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Hypoallergenic Fragrance Free Facial Scrub | Buddha Beauty Trade

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Hypoallergenic Fragrance Free Facial Scrub


If your client has sensitive skin that’s looking tired and parched you’ll find this Hypoallergenic Skin Polish a real treat. Giving your skin some extra exfoliation will stimulate blood circulation in your clients face, remove dull dead skin cells, and improve surface texture to reveal brighter, more radiant skin. Apply our Intense Daily Sensitive Day Cream for a hydrated, oil-free look.

This product is available in 100ml and 150ml PET plastic jars or in an eco friendly, plastic-free 100ml aluminium jar.

Think of it as the cashmere blanket of facial scrubs—indescribably soft, yet incredibly effective. Exclusively crafted for those with skin as sensitive as an artist's soul, this hypoallergenic scrub is fragrance-free to ensure zero irritation. It's like your own private sanctuary where exfoliation and sensitive skin finally find their harmonious meeting point.

And can we talk about the finish? Imagine your skin being so radiant it rivals the moon's glow. Truly, a luminous experience without the worry of redness or a breakout ruining your masterpiece of a complexion.

But here's a divine little secret between us: To ascend to the ultimate level of skin nirvana, pair this scrub with a hyaluronic serum. The serum is to your face what a sonnet is to love—absolute perfection. It adds that extra layer of hydration, making your skin feel as plush as velvet.