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Dry Body Oil with Bergamot | Buddha Beauty Trade

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Buddha Beauty Dry Body Oil with Bergamot 

Our fresh citrus scent of our Buddha Beauty Bergamot dry body oil is formulated with sunflower seed oil to treat the deepest layers of the skin. Applying the dry oil will leave a layer of this beautiful oil on the surface of your skin. 

Once it settles it will soon absorb into your skin to leave you with a silky, non-greasy finish. It’s convenient and straightforward thanks to delivering nourishing hydration which will help to realise softer more supple skin.

Perfect for all skin types and all occasions. Enjoy this dry body oil after a shower, before an evening out, or after a day in the holiday sun. 

After use, why not use our foot cream? Our foot cream will keep your feet hydrated and prevent them from cracking. Why not keep your feet hydrated as well as your body?

Recycling & Zero Waste

Our dry body oils are fully recyclable other than the pump, so we have created a refill option that comes with a silver screw cap instead. After purchasing one product with a pump you can recycle the bottle and use the pump in the refill bottle. The pumps will last for multiple uses.