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Luxury Cuticle Oil | Buddha Beauty Trade

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Buddha Beauty Luxury Cuticle Oil - Lavender, Myrrh, Lemon, Frankincense & Geranium

(Sold as 5 x 15ml or 100ml dropper)

Whether you wear a polish, gel or go bare, you’ll benefit from using cuticle oil. With a quick dab on each nail bed you’ll protect cuticles, strengthen nails and reduce brittleness.

All of these benefits will help to prevent breakages and assist in growing longer, healthier fingernails. Our little pots of Nourish & Shine Cuticle Oil are full of essential oils known to effectively deal with all such problem areas and to moisturise too, making your nails noticeably stronger and brighter. 

Sold in 15ml dropper and 100ml dropper sizes. 

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