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The Radiance Facial Collection

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This facial collection is perfect for your clients with Dull, Lack Lustre Skin.

Starting with our Purifying Lemongrass & Bergamot cream cleanser to thoroughly cleanse and detoxify your clients skin.

A double cleanse using our Uplift Pro gel cleanser to ensure all makeup and dirt is removed while fighting blemishes.

Our Calming Rose Toner closes their pores and soothing redness.

Following up from this a deep exfoliation using our Bamboo & Mandarin Skin Polish will stimulate the blood flow, leaving your customers with a brighter smoother complexion.

Use our new popular Hyaluronic Jelly Mask for an instantly noticeable change leaving your client with a glowing, soft face while offering a relaxed hand massage.

After the mask is set remove and apply our Orange & Grapefruit serum to enhance vitality, a great pair with this product is our powerful vitamin c serum to boost collagen and restore natural radiance. 

To boost extra moisture into your skin we've added in our Rose Day Cream to strengthen skins elasticity and keep the face supple and plump.