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Tobacco & Vanilla Body Lotion | White Label Trade

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Tobacco & Vanilla Body Lotion


Are you looking to add a unique, luxurious touch to your skin care routine?

Our Tobacco & Vanilla Body Lotion is the perfect choice! With a unique, sophisticated fragrance, this body lotion will leave your skin

feeling silky smooth and radiant.


 Moisturise & Protect: This body lotion is specially formulated to moisturise and protect the skin.

 Unique Fragrance: Our Tobacco & Vanilla Body Lotion has a unique, sophisticated fragrance that is sure to turn heads.

 Leaves Skin Radiant: Not only will this body lotion leave your skin feeling silky smooth, but it will also leave it looking radiant and glowing.


- 100ml bottle

- Contains natural ingredients

- Cruelty-free