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Japanese Pear Cleansing Balm | White Label Skincare

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100ml Aluminium Eco Tin

Japanese Cleansing Balm | Own-label Skincare

Discover the transformative power of our non-greasy, lightweight balm. Packed with fatty acids, vitamins and anti-ageing properties, this product is essential for your skincare routine.

Shea butter and sweet orange oil, along with cocoa and mango butter, work together to regenerate cells, soothe sensitive skin and reduce wrinkles.

The natural essential oils in this Cleansing Balm shrink pores, while also offering relief from skin irritation.

Enjoy the myriad of benefits this balm provides, including deep hydration, nourishment and moisturisation, to leave your complexion glowing and radiant. Suitable for all skin types, this 100% natural and vegan product is sure to become one of your favorites!