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Hydration Lock Gel Face Mask | Buddha Beauty Trade

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Buddha Beauty Hydration Lock Mask - Aloe Vera 

Do you have clients with sensitive skin that is looking dull and tired? Our Aloe Vera Gel Mask offers the perfect solution. With its light texture, Aloe Vera is quickly absorbed by skin, providing intense hydration and nourishment that helps lock in moisture and protect against dirt. The Hydration Lock Gel Mask instantly revitalises and refreshes skin, and when combined with one of our moisturisers, clients can enjoy a soft, glowing complexion. We offer this product in two convenient sizes - 100ml or 150ml PET plastic jars - or an eco-friendly, plastic-free 100ml aluminium jar. 

This product is available in 100ml and 150ml PET plastic jars or in an eco friendly, plastic-free 100ml aluminium jar

Stock our face mask brushes to promote sanitisation.