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Relax Massage Oil | White Label Skincare

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Own Label Relax Massage Oil

Here at Buddha Beauty, we've blended oils especially to help your body unwind. The calming, stress-relieving properties of lavender will bring serenity to your relaxation time. Add the subtle, sweet scent of rose geranium and the pressures of the outside world will melt away.

Why not use our Calm English Lavender Room Candle? Lavender has known relaxing, anxiety-reducing effects so why not settle the mood with our lavender room candle whilst having a massage? 

Recycling & Zero Waste

Our massage oil bottles are fully recyclable other than the pump, so we have created a refill option that comes with a silver screw cap instead. After purchasing one product with a pump you can recycle the bottle and use the pump in the refill bottle. The pumps can be used multiple times, reducing environmental detriment.