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Arnica & Cherry Amaretto Lip Balm | White Label Skincare

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Arnica & Cherry Amaretto Lip Balm
5 x 10ml

Are you looking for a lip balm that is healing, soothing and protective? Our Arnica & Amaretto Lip Balm is the perfect choice for you! Formulated with an infusion of arnica oil, known to help reduce swelling, moisturise and decrease pain post-treatment, this lip balm also has a delightful scent of fresh Cherry Amaretto, with a top note of ripe juicy cherries. Furthermore, our Arnica & Amaretto Lip Balm can also be used on chapped or dry lips, dry skin, minor scrapes, burns and other skin irritations.



- Made with natural ingredients

- Cruelty Free

- Paraben Free