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Green French Clay Konjac Sponge | White Label Skincare

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Own Label Green French Clay Konjac Sponge

These facial sponges are 100% all-natural and are free of harsh chemicals and odours. Konjac Sponge gently exfoliates the body skin, removes impurities, and reduces blemishes. With French green clay to absorb, detoxify and gently exfoliate, this High-quality Sponge is comfortable for combination skin types. It will remove your clients dead body skin cells and draw out impurities to reveal a smoother, fresher complexion.

We recommend you follow up your client’s exfoliation with one of our moisturisers 

Our environmentally friendly sponges are biodegradable and reusable after a simple hand wash and air dry. French Clay Konjac Facial Sponge has no tendency to provoke an allergic reaction but fight against eczema, Rosaceae, and psoriasis. Massaging the face in a circular motion using the unique structure of Makeup Remover Pads fibers will stimulate blood flow and promote body skin cell renewal and collagen production.

Recycling & Zero Waste:

Our sponges are zero waste. Made from Konjac plant fibers which are completely biodegradable. Once the Konjac sponge breaks down after months of use you can place it in the compost bin.