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Lavender & Hemp Soap Bar | White Label Skincare

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Own Label Hemp & Lavender Oil Soap Bar - Eco Tin

Our Hemp Oil soaps clean and moisturises without removing natural oils that are essential for your skin. Their nutrients and properties content keep the epidermis hydrated showing its natural glow. It also can help with redness and inflammation, and on top of all that, you’ll smell adorable too. Our products are great for daily use and provide you with silky, smooth, and soft skin, and relaxing, stress-relieving showers, while leaving a pleasing aroma that lasts throughout the day.

For hands, we recommend you use one of our Buddha Beauty Hand Creams after use to keep your hands hydrated and soft after washing them.

For your body, we recommend you use one of our Buddha Beauty Body Moisturisers after use to keep your body moisturised and energised.