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Restorative Night Cream with Frankincense | Buddha Beauty Trade

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Restorative Night Cream with Frankincense


Achieving the best results during beauty treatments requires relaxation, enabling the body to absorb the nutrients. To ensure your client's skin is regenerated and renewed, encourage them to use this luxurious night cream. This wonder product is an invaluable asset to any beauty regime.

Not only will the light citrus notes and spicy undertones of frankincense calm your clients mind, but it will also benefit all skin types in so many different ways. Hydrating, nourishing, anti-ageing properties will thoroughly revitalise and improve the skin’s elasticity to smooth fine lines and combat the first signs of ageing.

After using our Facial Cream, for extra hydration we would recommend you use our Multi-Active Facial Oil which can be used on any type of skin, our facial oils are predominantly known for their hydrating properties, facial oils can also aid your anti-ageing routine and provide antibacterial and healing properties. 

This product is available in a 50ml or 100ml airless, also a 50ml plastic-free, eco friendly tin.