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Under The Mistletoe Hand Wash | Buddha Beauty

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Under The Mistletoe Hand Wash 

Step into the holiday spirit every time you cleanse with our Under the Mistletoe Hand Wash. This seasonally-inspired hand soap is more than just a cleaning agent—it’s a celebration of festive warmth and affection, encapsulated in a bottle.

Beyond its captivating fragrance, our Under the Mistletoe Hand Wash is crafted to perfection with high-quality ingredients that prioritize both effectiveness and skin health. The formula features gentle, plant-based cleansers that effortlessly remove dirt and grime, while a nourishing blend of aloe vera and glycerin locks in moisture, ensuring your hands stay soft and hydrated, even with frequent washing.

Keep your hands feeing amazing and smelling christmassy by adding our candy cane cuticle oil to your basket!