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Japanese Pear Micellar Water | White Label Skincare

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Japanese Pear Micellar Water | Own Label Skincare

As the perfect addition to your skincare routine, our 3 in 1 Japanese Pear Micellar Water is a must-have for those seeking a refreshing facial cleanser, makeup remover, and toner. Not only does this Facial Spritzer leave your skin free of impurities and residue, but its crisp pear scent will also invigorate and revive your mood. For a complete, effective cleaning experience, follow up with one of our luxurious Buddha Beauty Facial Scrubs that will make skin feel smoother, softer, and suppler than ever.

Client advice for home care 

When advising clients on using Japanese Micellar Water at home, here's some straightforward advice to share. To use it effectively, start by pouring a small amount onto a cotton pad. Gently wipe the soaked cotton pad across your face, focusing on areas with makeup or impurities. There's no need to rinse it off, as Micellar Water cleanses and refreshes the skin without leaving a residue.

It's perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Use it as a gentle makeup remover or as a quick and convenient cleanser in your skincare routine. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out. With Japanese Micellar Water, you can easily and effectively cleanse your skin from the comfort of your own home.